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The Creation of 'Night Sweetheart, LLC

So now it's time to start blogging about how the 'Night Sweetheart company was created. Where to start? Well, let's see.......... It started back in 2000 when shopping for children's sleepwear for our first family vacation! It had been a year since I started my new job, I was enrolled in school, I was now a single mother, I had received a bonus from work, and it was time to plan a family vacation to Jamaica.

The first thing on the list was to find sleepwear for my 2 children (Yarnome and Yarmani).

I'm not big on shopping so this was going to be an intensive task. After entering/exiting several stores, I couldn't find anything nice or within budget. Remembering how I felt back then, great it would be to enter one store and shop for all the sleepwear items needed for my children as well as for myself, Boom, there it is, concept created!

From that point forward and being a 'Merchandise Management' major, all my school projects were focused on developing the 'Night Sweetheart concept. As you can see, it has taken a great amount of time. After completing my MBA, I decided to try my hand in establishing 'Night Sweetheart as an online business. I went as far as my money had taken me, and then I could only dream how far I desire to go after that.

The desire remained with me til 2017 when I decided to step (JUMP) out on faith and overcome my FEARS (you know those illusions that we conjure up to prevent a move forward) to re-establish an online retail business. So, here I am again, taking a step a day or perhaps 2, and I ask that you continue on this journey with me because we all face a level of fear and need that support from each other, but you know what.....WE GOT THIS!!!!!!

OH Yeah!......The name, 'Night Sweetheart

I'm not sure if any of you seen or heard of the movie, 'night Mother, with Sissy Spacek and Anne Bancroft? Great movie! The absence of "Good" and the use of only 'night, resonated with me as I continuously watched that movie. "Sweetheart" came from the endearing name my ex-husband often called me. I decided that when people hear a company called 'Night Sweetheart, it gives a feeling of love, warmth, alluring, delightful, etc. So enjoy, relax, and get comfortable! Let the journey begin.

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